Sierra Canyon Day Camp

Sierra Canyon Day Camp Website

Sierra Canyon Day Camp has been making kids smile in the LA area since 1972 (1972, people)!

This is the summer camp we dreamt of as kids, with everything from bungie jumping and jeeps, to hiking, baking, and pools with water slides. Quite frankly, I am thinking about enrolling myself.

Sierra Canyon Day Camp thought it was high time that their website was as exuberant as the people who spend their days filling the camp with laughter.

Before we came aboard, their website was drab and grey. It didn’t express the joy and fun experienced at Sierra Day Camp at all. We set out to fix that and bring their colorful personality to the forefront. First, we worked to highlight their photography and the playful identity created by the fabulous duo at Barking Leaf. We thought a lot about how to incorporate this into the visual attitude of the site. Every page is highlighted by a smiling face or an activity at this spirited day camp.

Our work wasn’t all about looks. We worked with Sierra Canyon to figure out a new site architecture, adding in a handy events calendar and making the registration links easy as pie to find. The website is responsive, which means that it is just as cheerful and easy to navigate on your mobile phone as a desk top computer.

No more calls asking what is being served for lunch that day and a site that is easy-to-update means that the Sierra staff can spend less time on the phone or at their desk and more time doing what they love — spending time with the kids.

We launched the website in January, just in time to kick off their 2013 early bird registration.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.