Shortest Survey Ever Results

We recently asked one question: When you think of Needmore Designs, what comes to mind? We got over 30 responses, which was incredible. We were overwhelmed by the sincerity and depth of what we learned from this. It’s helping us to re-examine our business.

There were a handful of people that associate us with one or another of our clients or side projects. And it’s an incredible honor to have our work with these fine folks reconginzed. A number also mentioned our daughter (cute), our favorite hang-outs, and our penchant for coffee and mugs.

The overwhelming majority of folks, however, mentioned either our personalities or our design aesthetic. A few unedited quotes:

  • Tidy. Clean. Nice type.
  • Artisan, bespoke.
  • Crisp, sophisticated but functional and streamlined.
  • Open space, clean.
  • Warm modern clean quality.
  • Clean, simple, smart, pretty.
  • Simple and elegant design.
  • CLEAN, modern, visually attractive sites, impeccably designed.
  • Fresh and crisp design is what caught my eye.
  • Talent. intelligence. creative.
  • Amazing talent and excellent customer service.
  • Really professional and artistic developers who are approachable and that I would highly recommend.
  • Owners that come across as caring professionals. Partners.
  • Awesome web designers, easy to work with

We  have no words for how deeply appreciative we are of these sentiments. We know we asked, but still… these are the values we hope and strive to meet. And, to hear them echoed back—clean, crisp, creative, caring—gave us incredible validation about the work we do day to day.

And yet, we think we can do better. This has been a tough year for us at Needmore; a big move, a baby, and two break-ins left us feeling a bit deflated and as if we’d taken our eye of the ball here and there. Reading over your answers, we realize again and again what our strengths really are: simple, clean, bespoke design with a smile. To that end, this list has become a bit of a mantra here in the studio. It is everything we strive to be in the coming year. Onward and upward.

Thank you for helping us to focus on what is truly important.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.