Savoir Flair Launches Dubai Edition

We are so proud to announce the launch of Savoir Flair’s Dubai edition.

While our relationship with Savoir Flair is not new (we’ve been working with them since December 2008 way before they first hit the world wide web), our continued partnership with the magazine has allowed us to continue to help their online presence evolve, including creating the brand spankin’ new Dubai section. Not to mention, the women of Savoir Flair are such extraordinary colleagues that we have long considered them a part of the Needmore family!

Savoir Flair magazine, based in Dubai, gathers content from style capitals all over the world and is exalted as the first fashion magazine to come out of the Middle Eastern market. It is now one of the only publications delivering content for an international audience. The Dubai section, which was launched this week, is an homage to the magazine’s hometown. Editor in Chief, Haleh Nia, dedicates the new section to Dubai’s local labels and designers. (Read more about that in this inspiring interview.)

To celebrate the new section, Savoir Flair threw a fabulous, upscale cocktail launch party in February for all Dubai’s finest fashionistas. Unfortunately, since Ray’s “incident” in Cancun last year, we haven’t been allowed to travel outside of the country… but we kept tabs on the glamourous affair through media coverage and photos. The event included live music, delectable finger food, photo booth by Fish Face, giveaways and, of course, Flairtinis. We’re so bummed we missed out.

Nevertheless, Needmore continues to truck on, working closely on the magazine’s website and newsletter design. We look forward to Savoir Flair’s inevitable growth and to working with them even more in the future.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.