Eating and Drinking in San Francisco

San Francisco by Plane

We’ve just returned from a whirlwind 48 hours in San Francisco. As any good Portlander would, we spend our time eating and drinking through this fine city. (We seemed to have brought the Portland downpour with us as well.)

San Francisco is food-lover’s dream; we were struck by what a vibrant food and coffee scene is going on. We savored lunch by Mission Chinese and happily discovered Lers Ros Thai (a happening joint in the Tenderloin that, we found out later, is referred to by former Portlanders as the Pok Pok of San Francisco and makes a delightfully spicy papaya salad with raw crab).

The coffee is outstanding as well. In fact, two local coffee roasters have recently opened spots in conjunction with local foodies that we cannot say enough about. If you are in San Francisco anytime soon, do check them out.

The Mill

The Mill in San Franciscophoto3-e1379962365395

The Mill is an open, hopping space that is a joint venture by Four Barrel and Josey Baker Bread. We stopped in no less than three times in our 48 hour trip. The coffee was killer and the toast was like no other. You definitely want to get the toast.

Ray at The Mill

We were in town for a one-night burger pop-up serving Kronner Burger with buns by Josey Baker. Sweet, sweet luck on our part.

Linea Caffe


We also had the pleasure of checking out Linea Caffe, recently launched by Andrew Barnett. We had the great pleasure of meeting Andrew while stopping in and, man, is he all class.


Andrew opened this spot Anthony Myint of the aforementioned Mission Chinese. What they have done with pastrami and waffles is beyond description. Also, $1 from every salad they serve (yes, they have salads as well) goes to benefit


Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.