Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw crafts intriguing new ice cream flavors each month in collaboration with local artisans and ingredients. We produced a photo-forward website that would accompany families happily waiting in line for a cone, offer tasting notes for new and classic flavors, and deliver ice cream to your door.

The busy elves at Salt & Straw are crafting intriguing new ice cream flavors each month, collaborating with local artisans mixing from local ingredients. We redesign their website to focus on flavor stories and to deliver ice cream to your door (including the introduction of their new Seasonal Pints Club).

In a few short years, they have steadily grown from their initial stint as a food cart to opening scoop shops in Portland, LA, and San Francisco.  We mixed a handful of ingredients together—mouthwatering food photography, rich flavor combinations, and collaborations with makers and community members—to produce completely revamped website that is able to quickly adapt to growth, showcase farm-to-cone journeys, and be readily viewable on the go.

Salt & Straw flavors on iPad

Our design puts Salt & Straw’s flavor into focus, both literally and figuratively. The website is crafted to showcase the spirit and innovation that Salt & Straw embodies.

Each flavor unfolds like a carefully penned magazine article, offering photos and stories about the farmers and dairies who produce ingredients—from local coffee roasters to chocolatiers—to the collaborators who dream up the unique flavor combinations.

“Salt & Straw clearly explains why their ice cream subscription is the one worth buying: with their Pints Club, you get five new flavors to try each month. It’s a crystal clear sales pitch that sets them apart. Note also that Salt & Straw uses a combination of images and text to make their point clear…You can say whatever you like about your products or the benefits of a subscription model, but great photos are ultimately one of the best ways to drive your point home.

Nicole Kohler, WooCommerce
Salt & Straw Seasonal Pints Club

We worked with Salt & Straw to conceive of the Seasonal Pints Club where members sample flavors before they hit the scoop shops. In the process, we reimagined their existing online ice cream shop to WooCommerce powered shop with updated SEO, smoother order processing, and streamlined customer communication.

Wiz Bang Bar webpage on iPad

This is a website designed to grow with Salt & Straw; when Wiz Bang Bar openend, we created a a page that both stands alone as an introduction to the new soft serve ice cream bar and is seamlessly integrated into the existing Salt & Straw website ecosystem.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.