Ruby Red

The folks at Ruby Red, London-based crafters of handmade organic skin and bath products, believe in enjoying life. They bike to work. They hand-produce their aromatic bath soaks and shea butters and then offer them up at markets such as the Cabbages and Frocks Market in Marylebone London. They were even kind enough to send a care package of bath soaks across the waters to our own little studio. Bathing in soft scents of lavender and Palmarosa Essential Oils, I couldn’t help but recall my own recent experiences of walking down cobbled London streets and finding a bustling afternoon market tucked under an overpass.


Relaxed and rejuvenated, we set about creating a simple backdrop for Ruby Red’s vibrant character and subtle product grace. The theme was to highlight the passion and fresh, organic ingredients that are a part of each of Ruby Red’s products.

Organic Bath Soaks

We are holding our breath to see what Martine and her crew come up with next, as there are promises of them making more delicious products while also challenging themselves to become carbon neutral. Now to find a way back to London…

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.