Riding the Rails

The past month has been a busy one for our favorite programming framework! First, tech book luminary O’Reilly released Ruby on Rails: Up and Running and The Ruby Cookbook in beta form (er, I mean Rough Cut form!).

Then just three days ago, the first ever RailsConf began accepting registration, and is probably sold out already! A three day event, it is dedicated solely to the Ruby on Rails framework. We’ve already got a ticket!

Today brings us the release of yet another beta book from the Pragmatic Programmers: Rails Recipes. While I haven’t taken a look at this book yet, it promises to be another in a long line if wonderful books by great writers.

And it seems like just last year there wasn’t a single Rails book or event to speak of.

Raymond Brigleb

Creative Director, dreamer, partner, father, musician, photographer. Has been known to ride the rails. Pulls one heck of a shot.