Project Tracking Help on the Way?

With all of the online services we use, we’re still faced with a roadblock when trying to answer the question, “When do I need to start working on X to get it done by Y?” Sure, it was easy enough when we had 2 projects to juggle, but this question becomes imperative to have a handle on when we’re working on more projects over longer timeframes.

For keeping track of ourselves and clients, the combo of Joyent and Basecamp have worked wonders overall. However, each lacks a useful means of tracking project timeframes; Basecamp offers only end-date milestone planning and Joyent’s calendar is still tedious and slow for heavy use.

Regretfully, the best answer often comes from Excel, which lacks the utility of online services. We’re still stuck asking, who has the master version of the file?

Is help on the way? Think of the possibilities with Google Spreadsheet. Take a sneak peak of this wonderment. This could be the answer to our project management woes. Multiple people see the project at once. Multiple edits in real time! I feel woozy! Is help truly on the way?

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.