Washington High School


A classic building, reinvented

Venerable Properties are well-known for their preservation of iconic historic landmarks as well as brilliant new construction. They’ve recently set their sights on redeveloping Washington High School, a Portland landmark that has quite visibly sat dormant for years. Needmore partnered with Venerable to design and produce a modern website to house both historic and leasing information about Washington High.

Built in 1924, Washington High School hasn’t been utilized for education since 1981. Venerable Properties purchased the shuttered structure from Portland Public Schools in late 2013.

The finished building boasts retail spaces, studios, an impressive rooftop deck, and a six-hundred person auditorium.

Washington High Leasing Sketch

Much like the renovation, and inspired by our Washington High field trip, the website pulls from a deep well of history and stays true to the memory of the school.

Curious about what’s behind Venerable and their philosophy? Be sure to listen to our interview with President Craig Kelly on our podcast The Job.

Washington High School website responsive view


Listen to the episode on The Job.