Our web series discovering new coffee: one roaster, one episode at a time. Now airing Season 04

We’ve never been particularly quiet about our love for coffee. Our goal is to created a show that not only makes coffee more accessible, but also dives deep into the stories behind the coffees we all enjoy. Enter Unpacking Coffee, a celebration of coffee through weekly episodes that focus on individual roasters and their unique stories.

Kandace & Ray

Hosted by Kandace and Ray, Unpacking Coffee is produced here in the Needmore Studio, from photography and filming to editing and transcribing.

Needmore Designs knows a thing or two about coffee brands…”


We collaborate roasters being profiled and often interview people throughout the industry. This has allowed us to span the globe and bring together people from throughout the industry: roasters, designers, printers, importers, and more.

Throughout, we offer our unique perspective on coffee design trends.

Unpacking Coffee is serialized on Daily Coffee News, Vimeo, YouTube, and on the site. Episodes have been viewed over 40,000 times in 130 countries so far and counting.

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