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Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters

Crafting a brand that elevates specialty coffee in the Middle East while remaining firmly rooted its culture and history.

Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters is a remarkable small batch specialty coffee roaster premiering in Dubai. Needmore was tasked with positioning the new brand through name, identity, story, web, and packaging.

The name came from a 16th century coffee explorer, one Sufi Baba Budan, who pilgrimaged to the Middle East on a quest for coffee. He unearthed his prize and brought seven coffee seeds to his home in India, kicking-off a fortunate new age of coffee that spread throughout the globe.

The rest was inspired by founder Karim who is at once firmly rooted in the history of the region while simultaneously reaching forward to elevate the coffee experience in Dubai.

The typography is both elegant and geometric as is the city of Dubai. The colors are hues that traditionally speak to richness and quality of material: Tiffany Blue, Rich Copper, and Industrial Slate.