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Red Fox Coffee Merchants

Experience the vastness of the world of coffee with Red Fox’s offerings and travel journals

Red Fox Coffee Merchants describe themselves as “treasure hunters, endlessly searching for the next great coffee.” Along the way, they’ve developed deep and lasting relationships with farmers that not only inform the coffee they source, but also manifest in heartfelt travel journals. We worked alongside Aleco Chignonis and the Red Fox team to develop a WooCommerce website, newsletter, and social media strategy based on authenticity.

Co-founder Aleco began cupping at the tender age of 15 and went on to author a great many of Stumptown Coffee Roaster’s early source trips. Through is stories, he enchanted us all; he lifted the veil on the vastness and wonder that is the sourcing side of coffee.

Aleco from Red Fox on Unpacking Coffee

What does it take to source phenomenal green coffee? We chatted about this with Aleco on our show.

If their inaugural dispatch from Columbia Inza is an indication of the things to come, you’ll want to head over, sign up for their newsletter, and keep up with the adventure.