Puff Coffee Homepage on an iPhone with green plants and coffee

Puff Coffee is an “itsy bitsy teeny weeny coffee company” started right here in Portland by Stumptown Coffee’s founder Duane Sorenson. After years of working together, it’s been a trip to get the band back together and create something sublime for this new roastery.

Puff Coffee Ethiopia Nano Genji Coffee page on an iPad

Working Man’s Coffee

Let’s start at the beginning. When Duane opened Stumptown Coffee in 1999, he turned to Needmore partner (and, Stumptown employee #1) Ray Brigleb for all things creative: websites, brand, ads, you name it. Now, not many people had been designing websites for years at that point, but Ray was one of them!

For the decade, Needmore and Stumptown both grew, designing and building ever-greater sites. And now, as Duane embarks on a new adventure, we’re looking forward to coming along for the ride as it’s sure to be a long, strange trip.

Puff Will See You Through

This website project has been a designer’s delight – illustrations by artist Wes Lang, a free roam into all things trippy, a mind boggling array of t-shirts, and mind blowing coffee to go along.