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Picky Bars

Goodness and nutrition mixed in energy packed radness

Picky Bars are delicious real-food bars created by real-life professional athletes. Picky’s three founders have worked with a modest, but über-passionate team, to grow their independent company.  They’ve done quite well in this endeavor. Picky Bars came to Needmore with a need for a website that would not only be a strong representation of their community and culture, but also enable joining their subscription club to be enjoyable.

Picky Bars Story, iPad

A website with personality. Booyah!

Picky Bars has a growing and passionate following. Their bars are some of the best tasting health bars on the planet. Plus, founders Lauren Fleshman, Jesse Thomas, and Stephanie Bruce exude the sort of heart, joy for life, and determination that makes each of us feel a bit stronger inside. No doubt about it, this is a down-to-earth, hardworking, and hilarious group of innovators worth keeping up with.

We saw an opportunity to bring Picky’s personality to life throughout the website. We created a playful and adventurous website that remains easy-to-update by the Picky team.

Join the club

Picky was tracking their club subscription on a Google spreadsheet and fielding phone calls for subscription updates. We knew we could do better. You see, the Picky Club is no mere bar subscription service. Rather, it is an entrée into a family of nature-loving, nutty outdoorsy people with a shared passion for kick-ass bars. Folks need to be able to join quickly and then go on with their day.

In order for this to run smoothly, we created moved their website to WordPress & WooCommerce and streamlined and intuitive club sign-up form that also makes it easy to update the club over time. That way, members can spend their energy focusing on the fun part of Picky membership.

Picky Bars

This is a custom designed website built for a customers that are constantly on the go. (Their #lifepoints campaign is focused on Instagram posts.) We created a responsive website that is easy to continuously infuse with personality and retains the sense of vibrance and fun that the desktop design radiates.

Growing momentum

The Picky Bars team came to Needmore with a eye on the future with a goal of infusing their website with their personality and brand. The work is paying off; after their website launch, they got a call from Trader Joe’s.

“They like our website and vibe and want us to send them samples.”

Jesse Thomas, Founder

You can now find their bars in Trader Joe’s.