La Marzocco Office Coffee

Join La Marzocco on their quest to end bad office coffee

La Marzocco knows that, while espresso-fueled days are tops, not everyone has access to incredible coffee at work. We partnered with them to launch their new Office Coffee program and a playful yet informative Convince Your Boss campaign.

La Marzocco Office Coffee Website

La Marzocco recognizes that it is often employees who are driving innovation in offices and studios. As avid fans of our own GS3 machine, we were thrilled to illustrate and produce a powerfully persuasive pitch that said employees could feel confident sharing with their bosses.

The Convince Your Boss illustrations and videos are spread through web and social media to catch the attention of folks in the office.

La Marzocco 8 Reasons Website

“Fun illustrations. Neat bit of marketing in a single page website.”

One Page Love

8 Reasons Every Office Needs an Espresso Machine

This whimsical campaign playfully articulates the reasons every office needs an espresso machine.

La Marzocco Office Coffee

We’re thrilled to say that is now delightfully easy to let your boss know you’d like an espresso machine for the office and then for said bosses to quickly sign-up for Office Coffee directly on the La Marzocco website.

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