Home page of Junior's Roasted Coffee website featuring vibrant photography


Junior’s Roasted Coffee

Junior’s Roasted Coffee is a micro-roastery & consultancy with big heart; they are synonymous with both beautiful coffee and a radical devotion to transparency. We focused on creating a solid, modern website that could reflect their personality and values.

At Work & Play

We had the opportunity to get schooled on  Junior’s history during the production of our show, Unpacking Coffee. A highlight was chatting with illustrator Elizabeth Chai, who divulged Junior’s “color palette and the lettering was meant to be like the playfulness of a child.” With this as our muse, we worked with photographer Gritchelle Fallesgon to artfully capture Junior’s personality in photos.

The Wonder Years

If the initial brand was the opening of childlike wonder and play, then our web redesign project would ask the question: “What happens when this kid hits their teen years? How do they grow? What have they learned?” It immediately became clear that Junior’s had grown into a strikingly confident and curious teen ready to take on the status quo.

Ask Me About Cost of Production cover

It was important to create a space to share the wealth of research and advocacy this team is doing. This took shape in the form of Junior’s Journal and translating their Cost of Production zine for the web.

Join the Teen

At the end of the day, we wanted to make it a pleasure to follow Junior’s journey and growth. Thus, along with a modern Shopify shop, Junior’s now offers the Roaster’s Choice Subscription.

“We are really happy with our new website… It feels like a genuine reflection and representation of our current values, vision, and goals.” 

Caryn Nelson, Co-owner, Portland, OR

Photographer: Gritchelle Fallesgon for Unpacking Coffee