Hennebery Eddy


Crafting an architectural website as sublime as the designs it showcases

Hennebery Eddy is a renowned architecture, planning, and interior design studio in Portland, Oregon. We produced a website that invites you to wander through its corridors and mingle in its gardens.

Hennebery Eddy wasn’t looking for us to reinvent the wheel, redefine their identity, or do absolutely anything but create a website that would simply and elegantly showcase their already impressive body of work.

We began with a simple identity and crafted a website from this starting point.

When they turn their design aesthetic and detailed attention to projects such as historic preservation and sustainable design, their elegant solutions are straight up remarkable.

Given that potential clients may only see a handful of their designs in person, we imagined individual portfolio pieces as articles one might find in a design magazine, filled with stunning photography and project details.

We crafted an elegant way to interacting with and searching through their breathtaking portfolio.