GESREC is the world’s first marketplace for official motion content. We partnered with Tokyo’s renowned Mikro Entertainment Inc. to imagine an ambitious platform that is at once compelling and intuitive while also highlighting the extraordinary creativity of the dances—and dancers—showcased.

GESREC is at a fascinating intersection of technology and expression; their 3D motion data extraction technique is as groundbreaking as their commitment to compensating dancers and choreographers for their creative work.

“We hope to give emerging motion artists a way to build their portfolios and to support themselves financially through their art.”

Taku Kodaira, CEO of Mikro Entertainment Inc., Japan

The timing couldn’t be more necessary. Their 3D dance motion platform allows dancers and choreographers a platform for expression (and compensation) during a time that in-person work is not available. While 3D creation meets a real need in the present, it is a hot trend that promises to expand even as the world opens up again in the future.

Needmore was presented with the opportunity to design the marketplace for these groundbreaking works. Our initial focus was create strong ties between the choreography and the creators, seeking opportunities to weave deeper stories throughout.

Our new website “is simply amazing. We have immediately started to gain traction and now many large corporations are willing to work with us.”

Taku Kodaira, CEO of Mikro Entertainment Inc., Japan
Collage showcasing a variety of featured artists, from Kento Mori to Brian Federline.

At the same time, we saw an opportunity to expand the GESREC brand. The new design system incorporates fluid shapes, vibrant colors, and flowing patterns.

We handed off modular web design system that anticipates the marketplace’s growth. It’s been a thrill to see the GESREC team bring this vision to life.

GESREC home page on a tablet and iMac with floating pen tool, headphones, speaker, and plant.