Elk Cove Vineyards


A stunning website that integrates years of wine release notes, shop, and gorgeous photography

Elk Cove’s vision statement is that Quality is Timeless. This is a credo that is taken to heart and is evident from the care and consideration they put into wine production to their stunning photographs. When Needmore came aboard, Elk Cove was keen on producing a website that would endure.

Elk Cove website on iPhone

We crafted a stunning website that integrates years of wine release notes with an external wine shop, crafting a space where her photos could do the talking, from sweeping landscapes to mouthwatering flavor pairings.

“With a site like Elk Cove, it might first introduce you to their wine and vineyards and then it becomes your guide. It introduces you to wine pairings and tasting notes and it really invites you to become part of their family.”
Kandace Brigleb, Producer

This is a family vineyard with a long history in our region; one can almost make out the small cabin that siblings Adam (winemaker) and Anna (creative director) first lived in some forty years ago when their family planted their first vines.

While Adam is crafting wine, Anna has captured breathtaking images of the vineyards and wine, carefully curating her work to tell their story. It is this articulation of story, along with beautiful wine, that creates a longstanding bond with customers. Dive deeper with this short video.