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Duchess Clothier website on MacBook

After a decade of creating incredible custom and off-the-rack suits, Duchess, Clothier has a well-earned reputation for designing knock-out ensembles for every body and occasion. It was high time their website told this story.

We crafted a modern website, curated to showcase their most popular offerings and also the depth of their catalogue, all while keeping a sense of jubilation. Seriously, who isn’t walking on air in a Duchess suit?

Our number one goal in redesigning the Duchess website was to focus attention on their meticulous craft and debonair designs, from their classic suits to Rainbow and Wedding collections. We chose a color scheme that complemented their identity, and carried it throughout the site carefully.

Not only is Duchess is known for exacting fit and timeless quality, but also for a superb attention to detail. From lining thread color to pocket shapes and placement, there is no detail that goes unnoticed. We took a nod from this culture and worked to elevate the designs of everyday elements, such as their contact and portfolio images.

Boy, did we ever have fun with the portfolio. This is such a common article in the website composition, but none of the usual suspects were compelling or flexible enough. So, in an homage to the hand-crafted ethos at Duchess, we built our own, with our own bare hands (or fingertips, as it were). The Duchess portfolio is a dance of text and images, with a structure that can adapt to a number of device sizes while preserving the precise padding, cropping, and typography.

Duchess website on iPhone

While Duchess creates suits specifically for a single wearer, we imagine designs that will look stunning on multiple devices. This means thinking about pixel-precise layouts on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, as well as ensuring the graphics looked good on newer retina displays.

“The site feels comfortable and fresh and does a great job framing the fine work of this Portland dandy. The site offers a wide range of diversity across all its pages which makes it fun to stroll through (fine gilded walking stick in hand) on a breezy Sunday afternoon.”

The Portland Egoist

We may be designing for multiple bodies, but we’d like the end result to feel perfectly crafted for a single wearer. Thus, the spacing, padding, size and structure of every aspect is considered. Just as the fine ladies and gents of Duchess wouldn’t let you out their door without considering every detail of your wardrobe, we’ve focused on a stylish site in every sense.

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