Dolcezza Gelato + Coffee


Stone cold goodness

Dolcezza Gelato + Coffee follows the traditional method for making gelato, passed down for generations from the maestros heladeros in Buenos Aires. Their recipes are handmade from scratch using only the freshest ingredients sourced from local farms, making them a staple of Washington D.C. with a well-earned reputation for honest gelato. We partnered with Dolcezza to initially introduce their brand online and now to continually refine and refresh their online presence.

Dolcezza on iPad

When we first began working with Dolcezza, founders Robb and Violeta sent us a care package overnight from DC. They shipped pints of their gelato next day air, expertly packed in dry ice, all the way to our headquarters on the other side of the country. Not only was this a delicious discovery for us, but it also speaks to Dolcezza’s character and how much they care about, and know, what sets their gelato apart (locally sourced ingredients in delightful combinations).

We designed the first Dolcezza website in 2007, in Flash, before websites were imagined off of the desktop display. Fast forward to 2014 and almost half of the site’s visitors — on walking tours seeking refreshment or happening upon stellar Yelp reviews — are now viewing the website on mobile devices.

Dolcezza website on iPhone

In this second iteration of the Dolcezza website, made in WooCommerce, one can enjoy a scoop of gelato in one hand while finding out where the ingredients were grown or finding directions to the recently built factory in the other.

These days, Dolcezza is booming; not only have they opened a stunning new coffee lab and factory, but the brand has emerged with a reimagined visual identity that is at once nostalgic and modern (qualities we would easily, and with much admiration, attribute to the founders themselves).

Dolcezza flavors on iPad

We partnered with Dolcezza to redesign their website with the intent of retaining this nostalgic, slightly romantic feel while simultaneously crafting a modern, sublime site that will grow gracefully alongside this bustling team.

“It is never easy to put your vision into someone else’s hands and have the results surpass the expectations, but this is exactly how things went down with Needmore…they simply create a beautiful product. We consider ourselves somewhat aesthetes and we just love beauty…and they are really swell, sweet folks, which always is A+.”

Robb Duncan, Dolcezza co-founder