De La Paz Coffee


A bold new take on coffee blends

De La Paz is a small, independent coffee roaster located in San Francisco. They have an intense, almost revolutionary focus on roasting the best, most accessible blends. We were commissioned to design and produce a new website for De La Paz to share their zeal with the masses.

We based the site on a series of images we took of De La Paz bags for a sleek, straightforward approach.

These coffee connoisseurs are traveling the globe, sourcing just the right combination of beans and bringing them back to San Francisco to roast in their vintage German roaster. Their transparency is radical; every bag lists the coffees in the blend. (Not incidentally, they also work to pay everyone in their supply chain, from farmers to baristas, honest wages and prices. In the meantime, they’re also racking up awards for their blends.)

De La Paz Peel Sessions

De La Paz recently underwent a total brand reset. Their new identity is iconic and bold, with a straightforward color and pattern system that clearly identifies their flavor profiles, from the “juicy, layered, and provocative” red label to the bright and crisp yellow, the “teacher’s pet of blends.” They have even named their blends after musical references that saved us in our youth. Peel Sessions, anyone?

De La Paz shirt
De La Paz on iPhone

We set up a shop as simple and daring as the bags themselves; a handful of stunning coffees delivered to your door as a single purchase or subscription along with two black and white tees.

Our encore production for the De La Paz team is a website redesign for their bigger sibling, Four Barrel Coffee. Four Barrel’s black and white presentation of single-origin coffees is a stark contrast to De La Paz’s bright celebration of coffee blends. What they have in common: gorgeous coffee, passionate teams, and stunning responsive websites.

Four Barrel and De La Paz websites on iPhone

Update: Once the Four Barrel website was successfully launched, the De La Paz brand was eventually folded into this larger production.