Our California Visit

We had the opportunity to visit California this past weekend, on the occasion of a family wedding. We made time to see some sights, and of course, our friendly iPhones were running Instagram the whole time.

We arrived in San Francisco and immediately set our sights on the best tourist attractions in the neighborhood.

The next morning, we couldn’t help spending a little more time in the neighborhood, before finally deciding to head out.

We soon arrived in Cupertino, and I naturally found a visit to Apple’s campus irresistable. Here is as close as I got to a “spy photo” of one of their conference rooms. It looks a lot like our office, naturally.

The next day we took a trip to Santa Cruz. I have fond memories there, having spent a year there before deciding to settle in Portland.

Finally, back to Cupertino for a lovely wedding!

It’s great to be back. If you’d like to see more photos like this, be sure to follow Raymond (@brigleb) on Instagram.