Organization Passion

Along with our client projects, we have a number of internal projects currently in the works, from a redesign the Needmore website to our coffee tasting site, Cuppin’, to our video show Hello! Video told, we recently counted seven current internal website projects.

Internal projects have a way of piling up as client projects take center stage. Our best strategy for getting these sites completed is focusing on one internal project at a time, but how to decide which to work on first?

Enter our new notecard organization exercise. Take out a note-card per project and write the name of each project on top. Talk about the pros and cons of each individual project. Finally, estimate the number of hours each would take to completion and then rate our project passion for each project.

The first time we attempted this exercise, we were hopeful that our passion list would correlate with the shorter time projects, but they didn’t. So, we had choice to make – choose the short projects or the passion projects.

We went with passion and created a clear list our target internal projects over the next few months. Is this list set in stone? No way! But it does give a clear direction for now and allows us to keep moving forward – and working on projects that make us happy designers!

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.