One to Watch

Today we’re pleased as can be to announce our latest design, an all-new website for Jessica Jubelirer Design. Jessica Jubelirer Design is a luxury interior design firm with an classic elegant, and timeless aesthetic. They’re masters of their craft, and we want visitors to know that immediately.

When we started work on this project, we tinkered with how to capture just the right aesthetic. (Our client emphasized their desire for a site that was “clean, modern, stylistic.”)  One piece we strove to nail was the portfolio. Our client had a look in mind (thumbnails on the right, a larger image to the left), but we wanted to push the images a bit further (and larger). For one thing, we wanted them to be able to add a ton of pictures, but make it easy to navigate them. There are numbers below that set of thumbnails, automatically sliding from set to set. And because we felt that the larger image wasn’t enough, we’ve made it so that curious visitors can click to see a larger version. Once zoomed in, you can navigate the images from right there, too.

Speaking of search engines, our client wanted the typography to reflect their identity, so we tracked down an elegant font that could be used on their website. Search engines can index their site without a problem, but the final product looks just as classy as our mockups.

Spend a little time exploring the site. We think you’ll enjoy Jessica’s designs just as much as we do.


Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.