Network Upgrade

The past few days we’ve had some Internet issues, which became more pronounced today, until finally it just died. After calling Comcast, I figured out that things were working fine on their end, and the cable box seemed to be in order. That’s a first.

Turns out our years-old D-Link “Gamer Lounge” router (don’t ask) was finally flaking out. So I had to run down to MacForce and get us a brand new Airport Extreme. It sure looks pretty, and has lots of features that we may take advantage of someday.

Thing is, even though I’m not even using its wireless today, just the LAN networking, it’s fast! Almost every web page seems to come up twice as fast, literally, as it did this morning. Everything seems faster. It’s remarkable, because I didn’t really think that was possible. I thought all routers were basically the same, but I guess I was wrong!

Raymond Brigleb

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