Needmore Decade

Needmore Designs officially turns ten today. Woohoo!

When we got started, back in 2004, the best mobile browsers were nowhere good enough to be relevant, the desktop was king, and the iPhone wasn’t even a rumor yet. Back then, there were only the two of us. We got up at dawn, walked across the hall to our tiny makeshift studio, and got to work. In the Summer, when it got so hot our computers shut themselves off, we would head out for the day and catch a movie.


It seems like only yesterday we were working out of a spare bedroom on our PowerMac G4 “tower.” This was when things were plastic and translucent, not solid and brushed-metal. In those days, you designed cutting-edge websites in Flash.


A decade later, our family has grown: we have a kick-ass team we work with, a cadre of dream clients, and two kiddos of our own. Our digs have improved as well.


What hasn’t changed? We still prefer to listen to records. We still want websites to be interesting, artistic, and push boundaries. We still want to make sites that are built to last. And, we still like to have a drink or two when we get a chance. We couldn’t be more grateful for our friends, family, and clients for making this past decade happen. Here’s to the next decade.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.