Needmore Refreshed

Keep it Current

We often encourage clients to keep their home page new and updated with their latest work and information and yet our own home page was sadly lacking in this regard. We’ve added views of our latest projects, with quick links to learn more about each individual project.

Version 4.0

We haven’t lost our design quotes! You’ll see a rotating assortment on our services page!

Version 5.0

The Art of Design

Needmore has always been about speaking through our work. And, that means showing off the gorgeos projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on. We wanted a project page that was reminiscent of an art gallery, with vibrant imagery represeting each of our clients.

Version 4.0

Version 5.0

We’ve also added a new project overview page. This allows us to talk a bit about the project, describe what is going on under the hood and let you know what our client thinks of their website!

Notes on Environment

Finally, one of our focuses has been a commitment to a green business. We’re making headway on this goal through our 1% for the planet membership, which we’ve made more apparent on the site. We’ll be also be blogging with much enthusiasm about these issues (such as our green hosting, building and Prius) and others in our redesigned blog. As with our studio, we hope that this new blog gives one room to breathe and enjoy.

Version 4.0

A View Towards the Future

Finally, we have a website that is easy-to-update, just like the sites we make for our clients. This means that new features (we have a few yet up our sleeves) will be easy enough to add over time. We hope you enjoy!

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.