Modbar redesigned website

Have you ever walked into a café and realized there is something different about the space? Perhaps you notice that the bar is spacious or that you can easily chat with your barista. You feel lighter, happier. Chances are, that café has a Modbar set-up.

Modbar website AV

Now, Modbar has a website every bit as modern and well thought out as Modbar itself and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be on the project. The La Marzocco Home design team got back together for this new production, a redesign of the Modbar website in time to unveil the new Espresso AV at the Specialty Coffee Expo happening now.

Modbar Customization

There are endless ways to customize Modbar to your heart’s desire. Head over to the site now and customize yours. As for us, we’re heading up to Seattle to see one of these beauties in person.