March 2013 at a Glance

March 2013 was a glorious month in Portland, Oregon. The birds were chirping, rainbows sprouted out of the sky and we even got an occasional visit from that bright ball in the sky (my sources inform me it is called the Sun). Squirrels have been hoping around the courtyard with nuts in their mouths, Ray even broke into song a few times, (okay, to be fair Ray singing is a regular occurrence), but you get the picture.  It is practically a Disney movie over here at the Needmore Studio.

If you don’t believe me take a look at our rap sheet for March:

This month on The Job, we sat down with some inspirational folks and filled our noggins with knowledge:

  • Lisa Warninger of Urban Weeds sat down to chat about fashion, photography and her popular street style blog.
  • Steve Jones, Winner of the 2011Cheesemonger invitational and founder of Cheese Bar lets us know how to buy and store cheese.
  • Pat Castaldo, Pinball wizard, co-founder of Buy Olympia and proprietor of The Land Gallery takes us into the fascinating underworld of Pinball.
  • Martyn Leeper, the musical genius behind The Minders talks about his journey in the music industry and takes us way back to days of recording without electricity.

We launched a new website redesign for IVC, did some responsive retrofitting for the existing Cooke Orthodontics website, travelled to Ray’s home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota, learned about how to get meaningful testimonials, found Zen at the Portland Japanese Gardens and lots of top secret stuff that is coming to a computer screen near you soon. We even avoided that whole Ides of March thing (Et tu, Brute?), so all in all a good month.