IVC Website Redesign


Interventional and Vascular Consultants approached Needmore Designs with their logo in hand and a smile. The IVC project began as a blank slate. Well, a blank slate with the need for some major information architecture.

IVC specializes in nonsurgical vascular procedures and their goal is to improve the health in their patients. They are currently the only stand-alone Interventional Radiology practice in the Pacific Northwest and potential patients come to their website looking for help and information. As such, the website has a host of medical information about specific medical procedures. We took a look at the big picture and thought about how best to organize their website in a clear and concise way. We took extra care to make sure that the website was well laid out and that the website felt clean and trustworthy.

The vascular procedures were a section filled with lots of content and we felt a lot of work was needed to present this cleanly. Because there is a large amount of small text, we made a great mobile version of the website. Should folks have a question or need to look something up on their way to the appointment or when visiting another practice, it’s fast and easy to do.

With the big picture in mind, we brainstormed different design ideas and eventually came up with the idea to show leaves to illustrate the veins. We searched and searched, but felt that anatomical illustration was not only often too graphic for the audience, but reminded us of less pleasant aspects of visiting a specialist. In addition, we loved the clean and natural symbolism that the leaves brought to the project, and it inspired our design to become even cleaner and more modern. The images of leaves evoked the healing thoughts of nature and a frank approach to the design of the website. As an accent color to bring out the headlines, we chose a light aqua. The experience becomes even more relaxing, especially with the faint silhouette on the interior pages.

We hope you love visiting this simple, beautiful, and clean website as much as we enjoyed crafting it.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.