Industry Specific Diggnation?

We sometimes watch Diggnation – it’s funny. If you haven’t seen it, the premise is simple. Two guys sit on a brown couch, laptops and beers in hand, and talk about the top stories on the Digg website. Not much to it, but they’re funny, and the podcast is quite popular.

Last night I got to thinking that it’s such a simple format, why don’t more websites in different industries make their own? At its heart, all you need is a couple chatty people and a topic. In their case, the topic is popular stories on Digg, which certainly is all over the place.

But let’s say you’re promoting recipes, for a site like our own Gone Raw for example. Rather than trying to just do one episode at a time in which you go through the whole process of making a recipe, what if you instead only spent a minute or two talking about a couple different recipes? You don’t need to show every detail, but rather, you might talk about what they have in common, or the equipment you would use, or how several recipes may go well together. You could also start a discussion based on the recipe comments, of which Gone Raw has a lot.

You might even chat about popular topics in the forums on the site. Or review other websites. And I think this could apply to a huge variety of industries. Let’s say you’re a realtor. Rather than trying to do a virtual tour of your properties (and pay a pretty penny), you might do a weekly podcast wherein you chat about, and show pictures of, your properties, but also relate stories and give tips to potential buyers. Such a podcast could quickly become a must-see for those in the market.

In fact, almost every industry I can think of could benefit from this show format. Those who would benefit the most are small businesses or individuals who need to make a splash without spending a lot of money.

Have you seen industries that have adopted a Diggnation-like format to their services?