I Didn’t Know That

It’s always enjoyable discovering some random nicety with computers in general, or my Mac in particular.

Just today I was wishing I had the functionality of grabbing a “column” of text by dragging with the option key, like I do in TextMate… and lo and behold it just worked. Weird. I had no idea you could just do that. You can even start typing, and get a filled column of text, of whatever you type. It can save a lot of typing.

I was playing with this Mighty Mouse and kind of realized there’s a lot of interface elements you can roll the mouse ball over to interact with. Like the volume control in iTunes. Why grab the thing? Just roll over it.

It’s all very good, because a friend and I just got into a lengthy debate about Mac vs. PC last night, and that was weird. I haven’t had a discussion like that for a long time! Despite the fact that Mac users make up for only maybe 5% of folks out there with computers (and that’s probably optimistic), it’s rare for me to talk to someone who personally prefers a PC. Most folks who use PC’s, it seems to me, use it because they have to, for one reason or another. Which is quite understandable! It’s just strange…

Raymond Brigleb

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