Hiring: Junior Web Developer

UPDATE: This position has been filled. Thank you!

We’re looking for a back-end, e-commerce-friendly developer with good design sense to help us make the web a better place.

We need someone who can take ideas and turn them into clean, solid code. Someone who can grasp the big picture while still getting the details right. Someone who can turn out great designs without losing their sense of humor. You’re out there. We know it. Together we’ll do great things.

Who is Needmore Designs?

We are a team of 5 charming individuals in Portland, Oregon, with an international client base. We are excited about telling compelling stories online, helping grow the brands we represent, and staying on top of the latest and most exciting trends around us. We are advocates of obsession.

We’ve been around for nine years now, but we’re just getting started. We’re growing and continually improving all the time, and we could use some help accomplishing big things.

The Position

We are looking for a web developer with strong experience on the backend. While you will be doing some front-end work, the focus for this position is on the web server, not the web browser.

We’re working on some great front-end design, but the back-end needs to be just as good. Our simple WordPress sites have gotten increasingly sophisticated, and our e-commerce sites have gotten downright complex. We believe solid work on the back-end is just as important as the front-end. Our clients depend on us to set up rock-solid CMS and e-commerce sites; their businesses depend on it.

You should be able to tear apart and rebuild an e-commerce platform with only duct tape, bailing wire, and your bare teeth. You can add and tweak custom PHP functionality that actually survives system updates. You eat PCI-compliance for breakfast. You do not hate PHP!

The ideal candidate will work on site, but may earn their way to 1-2 days a week remote. You will start with a three month trial period, which will let us both see how things work out.


  • Install, configure, and manage (mostly PHP-based) websites frameworks and projects.
  • Build projects in WordPress and other content management systems.
  • Document and version-control your work.
  • Set up, manage, and configure hosting environments.
  • Develop and maintain well-documented, reusable, and modular code.
  • Maintain current skills and industry best-practices.
  • Be accountable for tasks, track time, and keep team members in the loop.


  • Solid understanding of PHP, MySQL, Apache and other web servers, Linux and similar operating systems, and related technologies.
  • Understanding of WHOIS, DNS records, SSL certificates, PCI compliance, and e-commerce technologies.
  • Understanding of issues involved in reliably deploying optimized websites from git code repositories.
  • Strong skills with WordPress and other PHP-based content management systems.
  • Solid grasp of building, hosting, and managing secure, reliable e-commerce websites.
  • High level of comfort using git alongside other developers, including deployments and code reviews.
  • Ability to troubleshoot server issues and maintain servers reliably.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills with both teams and clients.


  • Experience developing WordPress plugins and building sites with WooCommerce.
  • Experience with Magento, LemonStand, and other popular e-commerce platforms.
  • Familiarity with web services and popular APIs.
  • Understanding of SEO, social media, and responsive design.
  • Good taste in design, and ability to build good websites.

Perks include vacation time, health insurance, time for conferences and education, and an always-colorful work environment. Specifics will be discussed if a job offer is made.

In order to apply, please write to jobs@needmoredesigns.com and be sure to include:

  • a catchy subject line
  • your three top skills
  • your best teamwork tactic
  • your website URL
  • your résumé
  • links to any e-commerce sites you’ve done, and
  • why you want to work with Needmore.

If you have code in GitHub, we’d love to see it. Please start your message with “I am a real person” to save us wading through the inevitable pile of spammy replies. Thank you!