Needmore Designs has been working in the coffee industry since 2004. We know that every successful brand has a team of passionate makers behind the scenes, pouring their hearts into their craft. We specialize in unearthing and articulating and sharing these stories through our websites and branding projects.

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We design and produce modern, custom WooCommerce & Shopify websites with a research-based approach. We have a dual focus on how your website works for your team as well as delighting your customers.

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Brand Foundation

Branding is about more than your logo; rather, a brand is made up of every interaction an individual has with your business. We work with you to lay a brand foundation of brand expression, from name and foundational story to identity and packaging.

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Coffee Consulting

We work with specialty coffee roasters to fine tune their production workflow into their online presence, set up custom subscriptions, and help emerging roasters enter new markets.

What we can do for your roastery