Google’s Page Creator Launches

When Apple released iWeb last month, we naturally had to take a good long look at it. Who knows, it could be competition. In this case, we decided that it wasn’t. And neither is the Google Page Creator, launched today.

The Page Creator allows you to quickly create simple pages in your browser (sorry, not Safari!) and publish them on the site. Unlike iWeb, there is no means to publish them to a site of your own, meaning that any website you make must stay at Also, the templates are a bit fuggly, and it doesn’t automatically link your pages together like iWeb, nor allow for blogging or podcasting.

There will always be tools to quickly create web pages. There have been tools like these for as long as there has been a web. What makes this noteworthy is the name Google, not the service itself. But if you’re looking for an easy way to create web pages that don’t suck, you might be better served by iWeb.

On a side note, the funniest comment ever posted to this blog is at the end of my iWeb review. A must-read!

Photo via cactusbeetroot.

Raymond Brigleb

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