Getting Rich, the book

When 37signals released Getting Real this week, we were happy to spend $19 for a copy. Glad we did, too, it is a very inspiring read. Of course, right off the bat we were breaking the rules because both Kandace and I read the book. For that, we were supposed to spend $49.

Unlike traditional publishing, whereby you get a nice bound book and can loan it to as many friends as you want after you read it, 37signals decided that having the book printed and getting only a percentage of sales, they would go for the online route. But still charge the full price. And warn you not to share it. And of course, if you no longer want the book, you can’t sell it to your friendly local bookseller.

But the book is apparently selling well. As 37signals boasted, they’ve already sold nearly 2000 copies. Apparently it has done much better than their first book, which is not particularly surprising considering what good press they have gotten lately and how visible a company they have become. More power to them.

Says Matt at 37signals: “DIY publishing: There’s a new sheriff in town.” Yes there is, Matt. And he’s not too friendly to us little guys.

Photo via cactusbeetroot.

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