Fresh Masu

We’ve just released our second iteration of the Masu Sushi website. Our original design came out in full Flash, before the word mobile carried much weight. Here is shot of the original Flash website.

We redesigned Masu’s website with a firm eye not only on desktop design, but also on the mobile web. For the desktop, the new Masu Sushi website is spacious and clean. Yet, we’ve also added quite a bit – quick notes, the latest Twitter feed (which is updated daily with specials), and the ability to make reservations online. Once you delve deeper into the website, you’ll see up-to-date menus.

We also created a mobile version of the website. The mobile site retains much of the feel of the desktop version, but has been simplified to allow a visitor to quickly place a call to Masu or click on a map for directions. You know, the kinds of things you would want to do when driving around looking for a restaurant!

And, all the menus are up. Easy to read (no PDF’s here, friends).

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.