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Fort Light

On crafting a brand that showcases an adventurous, big-hearted start-up coaching duo.

Our journey with Michael and Anamaria sparked when they brought their two thriving Bay Area coaching ventures together, knowing they would create something stronger and more meaningful together. It was clear that a distinct brand must emerge. Our role was identifying what it is that makes fusing remarkable and then ignite through a name and identity.

Quote: "They will help you unblock yourself...unlock the potential within yourself."

A shelter from the startup storm.

It isn’t simple to turn one’s attention to themselves and self-identify what exactly sets them apart, what draws others to them. We worked closely with  Michael and Anamaria to distinguish what struck them about the other person and identify what made them a light to each other. We then conducted enthographic interviews with each of their clients to find out what made each of them such a powerful coaching force. Right away, we began to see patterns emerge and it became clear as day why these two were changing lives together.

We were told again and again that both Anamaria and Michael are:

We are a place. But you won’t find us on any map. Because we carry it with us wherever we go.

This duo has an adventurous, insightful vision that folks are willing to trust and to follow. The name comes from the idea of a shelter from the startup storm, both a guiding light and a powerful igniting force.

Fort Light logomark
Fort Light logo

With a name in place, we focused on crafting a joyous, playful, bright & sunny logo that has strong lines. We drew reference from vintage park badges as we iterated to craft a logomark & typography that could both stand alone and together as recognizable. Colors were drawn from the outdoors; adventurous blue and playful turquoise are paired with a luminous burnt tangelo accent color.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.