Facebook Timeline for Business

By now, all of our Facebook business pages have been automatically rolled into the New Facebook Page layout. At first glance, the big update would appear to be the big new cover photo. And, while this may seem like the most significant change at first, the new timeline is actually much more important.

According to a recent study, people don’t actually pay attention to cover images, profile pictures, or apps. That’s pretty big news. What they do care about is learning about your company history and how friends are interacting with your brand.

The take-away is that Facebook business pages are being seen as more of a relevant resource for finding information about a company’s information and history. This makes filling out the timeline important.

A Couple Quick Tips

Enter your founding date right away. Then, instead of the date you joined Facebook showing up as your first major milestone, your company’s founding will stand out. (This is especially helpful if you have been around for a while like Burberry.)

Start entering dates. The New York Times has entered headlines and key milestones dating all the way back to their founding in 1851.

Be strategic about posting images. You are able to associate a single image with a milestone. If you want that image in a gallery (or have already uploaded one previously), then be sure the image is up first. Otherwise, upload an image to a milestone directly. And, remember – size matters. The dimensions for milestone photos are 843 x 503 pixels. Given this, your images need to be at least this size to look good.

Here at Needmore, we have been digging through the archives to share a handful of web releases throughout the years on our Facebook page. Check in over the next week or so and see if you recognize any of these gems from the vaults.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.