Creative Brief

[vc_row][vc_column el_class=”padded”][vc_column_text]A Creative Brief (aka Communication Brief) is wrapped into the Discovery phase of our project together. It acts as one of the foundational documents, helping us to clearly articulate the micro and macro goals of our project.

There are a number of detailed questions. To send to us, either fill out the online form or download a PDF or DOC and email us your thoughts.

  • Project Summary:

    State general project information, goals, and relevant background information for the site redesign. This paragraph should be a statement overview of the project as a whole.
  • Audience Profile:

    Profile the target audience. Provide enough detail to enhance everyone’s understanding of who the audience is. Include some user demographic information. Your goal with this section is to answer the following: Who is the target? What do these people care about? And what do they do online on a daily basis?
  • Perception/Tone/Guidelines: 

    How should your target audience to respond to your new online presence?
  • Communication Strategy:

    How will we convince the target audience?
  • Competitive Positioning:

    How you are different from your competition and the factors that will make you a success.
  • Targeted Message: