3 Shoots, 2 Weeks, 1 Rad Cooler

Coolest coolers are straight up designed to further your powers as the life of the party.


Commissioned to infuse their relaunch with vibrancy in just two weeks, we headed outdoors with the Coolest, staging three photoshoots in various locations (shout-out to Oregon for the gorgeous spring days).


There’s nothing like gathering a group of friend together to create something remarkable quickly, especially if it is for something you believe in. Over the last few weeks, we’ve come to adore the team at Coolest and are thrilled to be working with them to tell the world about their phenomenal invention.


We couldn’t be more thrilled about the project and seeing all the hard work come together on their site. Check out more about the Coolest project or head straight over to their site to get yourself the best cooler ever. See you on the beach…margarita in hand!