Coolest pool margarita

3 Shoots, 2 Weeks, 1 Rad Cooler

With features such as a blender a built-in blender and speaker, the Coolest cooler was designed to infuse fun into any adventure. After being one of the top Kickstarter campaigns around, the fledgling company hit snags that made it impossible to produce coolers for each of their over 50,000 backers. Needmore was commissioned to help Coolest sell coolers in the open market in order raise the funds to get coolers to each of their backers.

Coolest cooler tailgate party

We headed outdoors and captured Coolest where they belong: on the beach, camping, swimming…anywhere people are having a blast. With a tight two-week timeline, we set out to capture the Coolest surrounded by people enjoying themselves and making the most of the features that make the Coolest so darned…well…cool.

Throughout, we highlight the inevitable pure enjoyment of the Coolest in the outdoors, from mixing margaritas on the beach to turning up the jams near the pool.

Coolest campers

With powerful lifestyle and product photography as a launching point, we updated their WooCommerce website with a keen focus on purchasing on the go.

The reintroduction campaign and accompanying videos have bolstered Coolest’s online sales and can be seen both online and in their retail spaces. More importantly, since our campaign launch, Coolest has been able to ship thousands of coolers to their backers.

Carrying Coolest on beach

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.