Coffee, Personality and Brand on Do The Woo Podcast

Selling coffee online takes a lot more than nice photos of beans and packages. Doing it right goes deeper. And, getting creative during these challenging times is a must. Kandace joined the Do the Woo Podcast to chat about this and more.

Do the Woo podcast announcement
  • How subscriptions played a role our journey to building WooCommerce websites.
  • The importance of a mix of coffee, personality and brand.
  • Visually selling coffee beyond the bean and packaging.
  • How our podcast, Unpacking Coffee, has played a role our success.
  • What we have been seeing and doing during these challenging times for coffee shops.
  • The number of coffee shops that start online vs. moving online from brick and mortar.
  • What other platforms are used aside from WooCommerce and under what circumstances.
  • How we are helping teams at coffee shops during this rough time.
  • The direction we have taken with helping clients who are struggling right now.

Have a listen (or read the transcript).

Big thanks to Bob and Jonathan for having us on the show.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.