Clever Uses for your Phonecam

Like many folks nowadays, I have a phone with a tiny camera built in. Naturally, it takes terrible pictures, but it’s the only camera that’s with me pretty much all of the time. When I first got the camera about two years ago, I used it a lot, because I had also subscribed to Sprint’s Internet service. Once I realized what an awful experience it was to try to do just about anything on that tiny display and over that slow connection, I cancelled my subscription to that service.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get the pictures from your phone to your computer without paying Sprint’s monthly fee, so I haven’t used that camera much since. But a great article published today on 43folders contains a lot of neat ideas for ways to use your cell phone’s camera, many of which don’t really even require that the photos ever leave the camera. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Remember where you parked. Take a picture of the nearest sign or landmark.
  • Remember a book in a store. Go home and buy it from Amazon for 40% off!
  • Carry your to-do list. If it’s short enough, you can just take a snapshot of it with your camera. One less thing to carry.