Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

Our friend Joel of The Minders was over the other day and gave us a copy of the first album by the band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, insisting that they would be my new favorite band. Though a bit skeptical at first (I usually am), they have indeed become my new favorite band. Three of their best songs are on the website, definitely give them a listen.

I also just wanted to mention that Portland will be fortunate enough to see them performing at Dante’s on September 30th, so if you like what you hear on their website, definitely go check them out. I don’t typically love going out to see bands these days, but I’ve been listening to an REM bootleg from 1984, which has reminded me that sometimes, just sometimes, bands can be even more magical in person.

UPDATE: I should point out that after “ripping” the album, I did subsequently purchase a CD (this morning) and two tickets to their show (yesterday) so hey, Music Industry, are we cool???

Raymond Brigleb

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