Needmore Redesigns the Better Together Bake Shop

We’ve just wrapped up a website redesign for Better Together Baking, just in time for their debut at the Fancy Food show. Holy cow! The transition is pretty remarkable, if we do say so ourselves!

The Details and The Design

The folks at Better Together Bake Shop are obsessed with one thing: making the perfect brownie. One key element of the original website is that it was quite wordy (this is half of the original home page), but didn’t quite reflect the exuberance of what this group has going on.

In our redesign, we strove to create a site that would elevate the brand and focus attention on the messages: delicious, made from scratch brownies made with love. Better Together’s updated packaging and identity was a huge leap forward as well.

The Shop and The Product

When we encountered Better Together’s original website, we were yearning for the sort of large, gorgeous images that would bring the brownies to life. Jason Varney captured the brownies beautifully, and we made sure that every possible pixel of these photos was shown. We inverted the traditional product layout, filling the page background with the product, and overlaying the details.

With mouthwatering imagery, we set about to create a website that would focus on Better Together’s baking and make shopping easy (bringing the cart into the main navigation and simplifying checkout). We kept our focus on the salient points and mixed up a website that would feel as lovingly hand-crafted as the brownies it features. We hope you enjoy.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.