Back from RailsConf, Back from Chicago

Well our plane got in after midnight last night, we got in a few scant hours of sleep, and we’re back at work in the sweltering morning heat of Portland. With a predicted high of 102 degrees today, this office is going to get mighty hot, mighty fast. So I’m going to keep this summary brief, because we have a lot of work to do, and not a lot of time!

Photo by Dave Thomas
Photo by Dave Thomas

RailsConf in Chicago was amazing. There were so many good talks, and great keynotes by some of our heroes like Martin Fowler, Paul Graham, Why the Lucky Stiff, and of course, David Heinemeier Hansson. We took some pictures, and some other folks posted pictures of Kandace here and here. The people were great, too. We had a chance to finally put faces to the names of many of the people in the Rails community, which was in itself very rewarding


The best news of the conference was the partnership with O’Reilly. Which means that next year, the show is moving to Portland. Yay! Which is great, because the worst part of the conference was the venue itself, and for me, the flight to and from Chicago. With that out of the way, I’m sure to enjoy myself a lot more. Hopefully, others will too. But I will say that no-one puts on a tech conference as well as O’Relly, and we’re pleased as peas that they’re going to be part of the picture.

So back to the working week… but a much more inspired one!

Raymond Brigleb

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