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We have known Robb and Violeta of Dolcezza since way back when. We first starting working together back in 2007 and from the get-go, we were blown away by the incredible passion they pour into every flavor. In fact, we weren’t even permitted to begin working on their site before trying their gelato, which they expertly packed in dry ice and shipped to us overnight. (Tough job, this one!) Needless to say, we were blown away.

Image of Robb and Violetta of Dolcezza Gelato

Dolcezza Gelato is handcrafted daily and made only with fresh local ingredients, sourced directly from local farms. Stewards for good honest gelato, Robb and Violeta have had tremendous success in Washington D.C., in part because they care about about quality and foster relationships with the people they work with.

The first site we created for Dolcezza in 2007 was made in Flash. While cutting edge at the time, the Flash website has served Dolcezza well all these years later. The designs are clean, enticing, and suited Dolcezza needs for over 7 years, which is an eternity on the web (akin to dog-years, a 7 year old website is about 120 in web years).

It is never easy to put your vision into someone else’s hands and have the results surpass the expectations, but this is exactly how things went down with Needmore designing our website. they simply create a beautiful product, which in this case is a website, and we consider ourselves somewhat aesthetes and we just love beauty…and they are really swell, sweet folks, which always is A+.

– Robb Duncan, cofounder of Dolcezza

We couldn’t be more delighted with this second evolution of our designs for Dolcezza and have more in store; check back in later this year, when Dolcezza will be adding an online shop to their website, allowing them to shipping happiness in a frozen pint, right to your door.

Image of Dolcezza Gelato Home page

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.