A Touch of Joy

2008 is turning out to be quite the year already; Needmore Designs has hit the ground running. In fact, we may have spent more time chatting with accountants, bankers and lawyers so far than all of last year combined. Whew! Lucky for us, we have a fantastic support team out there and I’m realizing more and more that Needmore wouldn’t be where we are today without them. However, enough businessy calls in a row can get a designer into a bit of a creative funk.

Then, the waters parted and we received a remarkable phone call out of the blue. A woman in New York had come across our new release, Dolcezza, and wanted to let us know that it was the most lovely website she had seen in ages. “I was going to write you,” she said, “but I had to call and thank you for the eye candy.”

It is astounding what such encouragement can do for a person; that call wasn’t just a breath of fresh air, but also a reminder of why we are here and why we got into web design in the first place. So, here’s to a year of creativity and design. And, to our mysterious caller, thank you for taking time to give us a ring. You made our week.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.