Needmore Mantras

Throughout the year, we work with makers and brands that have incredible stories to tell. Along the way, they teach us a bit about ourselves. This year, our resolution is to remember these mantras that have been brought to us by kick-ass Needmore clients.

Needmore healthy living clients. Illustration by Shawn Pavlas.

1. A healthy life is a happy life

For living this to the fullest, we are grateful for Löyly, Picky Bars, and Salt Fire & Time. This year, we plan to take the stairs, drink our water, and step away from the computer from time to time.

Needmore wine and flower clients. Illustration by Shawn Pavlas

2. Stop and smell the roses

Cheers to Elk Cove, Frank Wine & Flower, and Space Design who remind us to enjoy the beautiful moments in life and to always stop and smell the flowers (preferably with a glass of wine in hand).

Needmore dapper clients. Illustration by Shawn Pavlas.

3. Beauty is in the details

Here’s to those forging their own paths, finding beauty in the details. We’re looking at you Duchess Clothier, Amy Tavern, Edris Salon, and Hammer & Hand.

Needmore web design clients. Illustration by Shawn Pavlas.

4. Use your talents to improve the world around you

We learn this daily from the hard work and love we see pouring out of our non-profit friends at Literary Arts, Planting Peace, Equality House, and Newspace Center for Photography who are all lending their talents to make the world a better place.


5. Innovate continuously

Here’s to the mad scientists of flavor who keep innovating: Salt & Straw, Woodsman Tavern, Goodwich, and Better Together. This has lead us to call 2015 Needmore’s year of “bug fixes and performance improvements.”

Needmore coffee web design clients. Illustration by Shawn Pavlas

6. Make new friends and keep the old

Our friends in coffee know the importance of building lasting relationships. Perhaps this is due to the social nature of coffee itself or the fact that coffee is based on long relationships with growers at source. Or, maybe they’re simply a fun bunch of super passionate people that like to talk about projects over long wine-fueled meals or turn phone conversations into trip reminiscence. Cheers to old and new friends alike! We love you, Dolcezza Gelato + Coffee, La Marzocco, De La Paz Coffee, Red Fox Coffee Merchants, Stumptown Coffee Roastersand more.

Needmore art and video clients. Illustration by Shawn Pavlas

7. Take time to notice the world

So many of the people we work with each day are patient observers, carefully documenting the world around us through art, design, and video. To Great Notion, Lisa DeJohn, Hunter Qualitative, and Amy Ruppel, we say “Keep it up!” We love learning about the world through your vision and study.

Illustration by Shawn Pavlas.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.